$50, 45 minutes
Haircut done mostly with clippers.


MedLo Cut
$70, 45 minutes
This cut is done with shears alone. Whether it’s medium length or long.


$30, 30 minutes
This is for just the fade. Nothing more and nothing less.


Cleaned Up
$25, 15 minutes
This is cleaning up the perimeter of the hair line on a Clipped cut. This is not a fade!


$85-$125, 1 hour
This is a regrowth (roots) touch up also known as a single process. The Full Process is done from roots to ends.


Glossed Up
$40, 1 hour
Demi Permanent Color that perfects, refreshes and tones hair with color and with shine.


$200-250, 2 hours 30 minutes
Painted on highlights that gives a natural kissed by the sun look.


$25, 15 minutes
Simply a bang trim!

$90, 1 hour
This is just bleaching your roots!


Price Varies, 90 minutes
For an overall Blonde Look! Blonded I is The Money Piece and Face Framing. Blonded II is a Global application.


Straightened Up
Price Varies, 2 hours 30 minutes
This a relaxer that permanently straightens hair.


$30, 15 minutes
This is a simple clipper cut for the sides to keep you fresh!


$50, 30 minutes
Classic blow dry done in the fashion you like.


Curled Up
$45, 30 minutes
Regular or Flatten It: Any waved or curled look done with curling or flatiron.


$250, 3 hours
Revamped Perm done with soft tools to create natural beach waves. Can be customized to the look you want.


Price varies, 15 minutes
Just a consultation nothing more nothing less.